Who We Are

... meet the team! We are all software professionals with more than a decade of hands-on-experience building software for both big and small IT companies in different countries. Each of us are fortunate enough to get involved on projects of varied nature throughout our professional activities. This enabled us to witness the power of software systems towards positively revolutionizing a society in different aspects.

We came from a society which prides itself with a lot of great history, rich culture and speaking lots languages. Unfortunately, there is no platform to let people share and learn from one another. Sewasew is an effort to give back to our society such a platform!

What We Aspire To Achieve

We aspire to build an online software platform that will, ultimately, be the authoritative source of anything that’s Africa. We aspire to build a platform that enables people from all over the world to collaboratively build as well as access content. We aspire to create a simple yet powerful platform that can be accessed from a multitude of devices.

Get in touch!

Got questions? Have useful feedbacks that we can incorporate to make Sewasew even more interesting? Are there things that you don’t like? And do you have suggestions to make them any better? Please say whatever you want to say. We are always eager to get feedbacks from people like you and continue making Sewasew a useful platform.