• የአፄ ምንሊክ የአደዋ አዋጅ ጥሪ

    @የቆሎ ተማሪ   3 years ago
    ስለምንተ ማሪያም
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  • @የቆሎ ተማሪ   3 years ago
    ስለምንተ ማሪያም
    እግዚአብሔር በቸርነቱ እስካሁን ጠላት አጥፍቶ ሃገር አስፋፍቶ አንሮኛል:: እኔም እስካሁን በእግዚአብሔር  ቸርነት ገዛሁ:: እንግዲህ ብሞትም ሞት የሁሉ ነዉና ስለእኔ ሞት አላዝንም:: ደግሞ እግዚአብሔር አሳፍሮኝ አያውቅም:: ከእንግዲህም  ያሳፍረኛል ብዬ አልጠራጠርም:: አሁንም ሃገር የሚያጠፋ ሃይማኖት የሚለዉጥ ጠላት እግዚአብሔር የወሰነልንን የባሕር በር አልፎ መጥቷልና እኔም ያገሬን ከብት ማለቅ የሰዉንም መድከም አይቼ እስካሁን ዝም ብለዉ ደግሞ እያለፈ እንደፍልፈል መሬት ይቆፍር ጀመር :: አሁን ግን በእግዚአብሔር  ረዳትነት ሃገሬን አሳልፌ አልሰጠዉም:: ያገሬ ሰው እስካሁን አላስቀየምከኝም:: ጉልበት ያለህ በጉልበትህ እርዳኝ:: ጉልበት የሌለህ ለልጅህ ለሚስትህ ለሃይማኖትህ ስትል በሃዘን እርዳኝ :: ወስልተህ የቀረህ ግን ኋላ ትጣላኛለህ:: አልተውህም:: ማርያምን ለዚህ አማላጅ የለኝም:: ዘመቻዬ በጥቅምት ነዉና የሸዋ ሰው እስከ ጥቅምት እኩሌታ ድረስ ወረይሉ ከተህ ላግኘህ::
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  • @Haset   2 years ago
    Thanks@ የቆሎ ተማሪ.... here is my read on the English version

    Menelik’s Proclamation on Mobilizing His Forces for the Battle of Adowa

    God by his goodness in hurling down my enemies and extending my empire has preserved me until this
    day. Until now I have ruled by the grace of God. As we all must die I shall not be distressed if I am killed.
    Nevertheless the Almighty has never yet forsaken me and I am confident that he will not forsake me in the

    Enemies have now come upon us to ruin the country and to change our religion; they have crossed
    the sea which God has given us for a frontier. Considering that our flocks were exterminated and our people
    tired, I have not wished to do anything until now.

    But our enemies have begun the affair by advancing and digging into the country like moles. With the help
    of God I will not deliver up my country to them. Ever a patriot of my country I have never yet wronged you
    and I will never give you sorrow. To-day, you who are strong, give me of your strength, and you who are weak, 
    help me by prayer and by thinking of your children, your wives and your faith. But if through negligence
    you refuse to follow me, take heed. You will hate me because I will not refrain from punishing you. I swear
    by the Holy Virgin that I will accept no prayer for your pardon. I leave in the month of October (“Teqemt”). Men
    of Shoa, go and wait for me at Warra Ilu; let everyone be assembled by the middle of Teqemt!

    Reference: The Battle of Adwa by Paulos Milkias & Getachew Metaferia

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  • @Alembrehan   1 year ago
    ምስጋና "የቆሎ ተማሪ "!
  • @መርሻ   1 year ago
    Interested in just about everything!
    ግሩም ነው! እናመሰግናለን!
  • @Demoze   1 year ago
    Thanks የቆሎ ተማሪ and Haset!

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