• Nejashi Mosque (ነጃሺ መስጊድ)

    @Abigel   3 years ago
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  • @Abigel   3 years ago

    Nejashi got its name from Tigrigna word "Negash or Negasi" meaning king. "Nejashi" is an Arabicized variant of the word.

    Nejashi mosque is found in Tigray region at the place known as Negash which is 10km away from Wukro city. This place is considered as the first followers of Prophet Mohammed in the 7th century immigrated to escape from the massacre of Quraish tribe, the mercantile rulers of Mecca or Makkah and lived for certain time. The immigrants were allowed to enter the country by the then king Asmeha Abjar (Nejashi) who gave them protection.

    It is believed that the burial of king Nejashi and some immigrants who died before going back to their country is found at this place. 

    Reference: This history of mosque in Ethiopia.

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  • @Abigel   1 year ago
    ሃገራችን የትልቅ ታሪክ ባለቤት ናት! አመስግናለሁ @Abigel
  • @Adugna   1 year ago
    ታሪካዊ ቦታ ነው!
  • @Tola (ቶላ)   1 year ago
    ከተኛ አንበሳ ዞር ዞር ያለ ቀበሮ ይሻላል!
    Thanks Abigel! This is one of the places I would like to visit in the future!
  • @መርሻ   1 year ago
    Interested in just about everything!
    Thanks a lot, Abigel!
  • @Yared   1 year ago
    Ethiopia has many attractions worth visiting, this is indeed one of them! Thanks for sharing!