• What is motion consultancy? And what does it do?

    @እሸቱ አበበ   10 months ago
    Hard core sewasewer who believes in social learning!
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  • @Ephrem Bekele   10 months ago
    With the Mission of catalyzing “Internal Motion” that ultimately leads to holistic
    Change and Development, our company “Motion Consultancy & Training PLC.”
    Come into existence in the year 2010. As a business company we focus on branding
    our business approach and deliver to utmost standard. In so doing, we work hard to
    keep balance among Society, Nature, and Economy through our Consultancy,
    Training and Research works.
    With the green business approach, we are identified with a business license number
    06/2/25240/03, TIN 0015342576 and VAT 3256640016.
    Building a branded company that can continuously improves itself and adds value
    to the business interaction and life support in a sustainable and ethical manner.
    1. Trust & Respect
    2. Fairness
    3. Timeliness
    4. Originality
    5. Action & Imp
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